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Movement Joints

HeliBar stainless steel helical bars in conjunction with plastic debonding sleeves can be used to create a movement joint in an existing wall.

The 6mm diameter HeliBar is available in either austenitic stainless steel Grade 304 (1.4301) or 316 (1.4401) and is supplied in a standard length of 16″ for this application. The sleeve is 8″ long to debond half the bar, allowing movement to take place at the joint.

The HeliBar restrains the masonry against lateral loads while the sleeve allows the masonry to expand and contract.

The HeliBar-sleeve assembly is installed in cut slots which cross the location of the new movement joint, with the sleeve part positioned on alternate left and right sides of the bar.

To find out more on movement joint applications click here

• Rapid economical solution to lack of expansion joints
• Comprises stainless steel helical reinforcing bars
• Avoids expensive taking down and rebuilding
• Minimal disruption to building’s fabric
• Fully concealed once installed
• Accommodates differential building movement


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