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Wall tie for securing a new leaf to an existing wall

StarTie is a new build stainless steel wall tie used when  securing a new wythe to an existing brick, stone or concrete wall.

System Components

  • StarTies
  • Hand-held support tool
  • Drill bit for pilot hole (hard masonry)

The tie is installed into the existing masonry and simply bedded into the mortar as the new wall is constructed.

1. Drill 6mm pilot hole into existing wall (not required with low density blocks)

2. Load tie into hand held or power support tool and line up with pilot hole while resting support tool on new wythe

3. Drive in tie with hammer or SDS drill. (if insulation is installed, fit retaining clip over the StarTie)

4. Embed the outer end of the StarTie into the mortar as the new wythe is constructed


  • For tying a new inner or outer skin to an existing wall
  • For securing a new section of wall where damaged masonry is being taken down and reinstated
  • One-piece grade 304 or 316 stainless steel tie
  • Effective in brick, blocks, concrete, stone and regional materials
  • Great axial strength 
  • Excellent holding power
  • Accommodates normal building movement
  • Provides secure stress free connection

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