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Masonry Repair Solutions

Helifix products provide secure and lasting connections in different building designs and materials including:-
– Concrete frame
– Steel frame
– Brick veneer
– Marble / travertine panels
– Sandstone / limestone / granite
– Concrete blocks
– Terracotta / clay features
– Stucco / render
– Wood

All of these types of buildings can suffer from a variety of structural faults or combinations of different problems resulting from a diverse number of causes. Helifix will determine which of its range of purpose-designed products and concealed installation techniques can reliably overcome these problems and provide effective solutions.

Typical problems

– Thermal movement
– Foundation movement – ground and seismic
– Freeze/thaw action
– Wall tie failure
– Lintel failure
– Poor lateral restraint
– Corrosion of embedded steelwork
– Additional loading
– Inadequate or defective materials
– Deterioration over time
– Incorrect design
– Poor construction techniques

Helifix Solutions

DryFix retrofit wall tie system

– Standard
– Terracotta
– Asymmetric
– Render pin

TorkFix Mechanical Anchors

– For securing masonry veneers and cladding panels to inner wythes

Seismic Reinforcement

– For retrofit upgrade or new build masonry reinforcement

Helibeam System®

– Lintel repair
– Crack stitching
– Movement joints
– Reconnecting separated walls and solid masonry


– Concrete patching pin


– Re-facing or extending an existing wall


– Non-shrink injectable cementitious grout


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