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BowTie HD Helical Anchor installed through parallel floor joists

BowTie HD is a long stainless steel retrofit helical tie used for stabilizing bowing / bulging walls, without any external plates, by securing and anchoring them to internal floor and ceiling joists.

BowTie HDs are recommended when installing into joist sides.

The BowTie HD range can be used as a wall-diaphragm anchorage in seismic upgrades. Download the Design Guide for more information.


  • Drill bit for clearance hole
  • BowTies
  • Power support tool
  • HD Driver
  • Hand support tool

BowTie HD

1. Mark the positions of the joists on the external wall.
2. Drill clearance holes, normally 5/8″ diameter, through the masonry only, in line with the centre of the joists.
3. Clean out the hole to clear any dust or debris.
4. Fit the power support tool into an SDS rotary hammer drill and insert the BowTie HD.
5. Install the BowTie HD (with hammer off) into and through the first and second joints (and third joist, if specified). When the BowTie HD is between joists, take care to avoid the ‘whip’.
6. Fit the sleeve over the tie and push it to the back of the hole in the masonry with the BowTie Injection Tube.
7. Inject Helifix HeliBond grout into the hole to fill it completely.
8. Allow the grout to gel (normally 15 to 20 minutes).
9. Make good all holes at the surface with brick dust or matching mortar or leave ready for any decoration.

1. Mark the position of the joist centre on the external wall and drill a clearance hole (normally 5/8″) through the wall. Clean out hole.

2. Fit the BowTie HD Support Tool to an SDS rotary hammer drill, insert the BowTie HD and drive it (off hammer) into, and through, the first and second joists.

3. Fit the plastic sleeve over the BowTie HD and use the support tool to push it to the back of the hole in the wall (outer wythe in a cavity wall).

4. Inject HeliBond grout to fill the hole and bond the BowTie HD to the masonry, allow the resin to gel and then make good.

  • Used to stabilize bulging walls by securing and anchoring them to internal floor and ceiling joists
  • BowTie HDs are recommended when installing into parallel joist sides
  • Standard BowTies are recommended when installing into joist ends
  • Heavy Duty 12mm diameter threaded bar with self-cutting end
  • Mechanically connects floor joists or roof beams
  • Provides stiffness without the need to install noggins or additional bracing

  • One-piece grade 304 or 316 stainless steel tie
  • Unique, one-piece, self-tapping design – no splitting of wood
  • Quick, easy, non-disruptive external installation
  • Easily tested for security of anchoring
  • Accommodates normal building movement
  • Effective in all common wall materials
  • Fully concealed – no unsightly external plates
  • Suitable for hardwood use
  • Very effective and economical solution
  • Minimal inconvenience to occupants

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