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Our Process

Once Helifix products have been specified for a given project, a company representative works closely with the parties involved to ensure that appropriate products and installation techniques are correctly employed. Our expertize is available throughout the process to ensure the designed solution produces a fully effective long-term solution.

Stage 1 – Site visit: A Helifix representative will visit the job site, as all specifications should be tested by the product manufacturer. The visit is arranged at the request of the engineer, the owner or the contractor.

Stage 2 – Pull-out tests: On various areas of the building to be repaired, Helifix undertakes a series of pull-out tests in all the different materials present, both in the façade and the backup, to ensure use of the correct tie(s) and installation procedures.

Stage 3 – Report: Following the on-site testing, Helifix produces a thorough report for the engineer with recommendations as to the most suitable tie(s), including their length and diameter, together with the relevant repair details and itemized method statements.

Stage 4 – Collaboration: Helifix works closely with the contractor carrying out the tie installation, supplying all necessary materials to site and undertaking all the required training of their operatives to enable efficient installation.

Stage 5 – Support: Helifix provides any required on-going support and advice and will visit the site again if further pull-out tests are requested or if the contractor has any other concerns.

Stage 6 – Guarantee: On completion of the repairs, and where Helifix products have been installed as specified, the work is covered by our $7m public and products liability insurance.

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