Seismic Upgrades

Retrofit helical wall ties and reinforcements for seismic upgrades

With earthquakes seeming to occur on an increasingly frequent basis around the world, the need for improved structural performance, to protect the public from harm and buildings from destruction, has been receiving far greater attention.

It has become more important to find a cost-effective means of maintaining and upgrading buildings in order for them to better withstand the stresses of seismic activity. Continue reading »

We’re On The Move

Effective January 2nd 2014, Helifix Inc. will be relocating from  Streetsboro, Ohio to Converse, Texas and will become a division of our sister company, Halfen USA.

Our new contact details will be:

Helifix, Division of Halfen USA
8521 FM 1976 – PO Box 547
Converse, TX 78109

 Toll Free: 888-992-9989
Fax: 877-683-4910

Our last day of shipments from Ohio will be Wednesday, December 18th.  Our offices will be closed from Monday, December 23rd through Wednesday, January 1st

Brian Barnes, Vice President of Sales, says,

“This move is a very positive step for Helifix.  Joining forces with Halfen USA will bring immediate customer benefits including access to a more comprehensive product range and increased technical resources. The relocation has been planned well in advance and will take place during the holiday period to ensure there is no interruption to customer service.”

Email if you have any questions.

For more information on Halfen, please visit

Helifix launches new literature, featuring the latest innovative sustainable structural solutions

Helifix, Inc. is a technically led organization with an on-going product development program, specializing in solutions for masonry repair and structural stabilization.

The new 8 page brochure is a concise ‘Products and Applications Overview’ that summarizes the company’s innovative repair strategies, typical applications and full range of engineered helical systems. It also guides the reader through the various technical support services on offer to property owners, engineers, surveyors and contractors which range from preliminary site visits to insurance-backed installation.

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What causes walls to bow?

Bowing, leaning or bulging in external walls are a result of decreasing wall stability, these defects are often a symptom of:

•    Prolonged vibrations from heavy traffic or plant machinery
•    An increase in the floor loads (for example where additional floors have been added to an existing building)
•    The original walls being insufficiently thick in comparison to the building height
•    A lack of restraint between the external walls and the floor joists, beams and partitions
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How to identify wall tie failure in high rise buildings

Wall ties are used to connect the inner and outer wythes of cavity constructed walls and this type of cavity wall construction is commonplace in the US.  Successful  solutions are available to repair the wall without having to rebuild the entire outer wythe which in the past has caused a wide range of secondary problems.

Wall tie failure in high rise building

Common wall tie failure indicators include:

•    Horizontal cracking
•    Out of plumb, bowed, cracked or collapsed brickwork elevations
•    Rust staining on the walls
•    Problems having been identified within properties of a similar age and location
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