Helifix launches new technical brochure on its innovative, concealed structural repair solutions

Helifix USA Technical Brochure

A comprehensive new technical brochure, ‘Principles, Products and Applications’, is now available from Helifix. It covers the full range of masonry repair and reinforcement products, extensive applications and non-disruptive concealed installation techniques.

Helifix, now a division of Halfen USA Inc. based in Converse, Texas, has been providing reliable structural repair solutions for over 30 years since developing the original stainless steel helical wall tie. It continues to introduce innovative new products and techniques which can restore structural integrity, by overcoming virtually all commonly occurring faults, and also be used to improve a building’s existing performance, in seismic upgrades for instance.

Helifix products have proven an effective cure for common structural defects in most construction materials including bricks, blocks, stone, wood and concrete. Repair and refurbishment is increasingly seen as the more sustainable alternative to demolition, in terms of architectural value, materials usage, cost and environmental impact. Illustrated within the new literature are informative examples of how Helifix’s engineering expertise and products can avoid disruptive dismantling and costly rebuilds.

Brian Barnes, Helifix Vice President of Sales, commented

“Our unique retrofit helical wall ties and reinforcing bar are extremely versatile and are used to overcome a wide range of structural faults. We can restore integrity to virtually all structures from houses and high rise developments to churches and historic buildings. The systems are particularly beneficial to the latter as they generally enable the existing masonry and delicate features to be retained and, being fully concealed, leave the building visually unaltered. Helifix products have been successfully used throughout the USA and Canada, as well as many other parts of the world so, whatever your structural problem, we’re almost certain to have an appropriate solution.”

Hard copies of the new 60 page technical brochure are available on request or alternatively, download here.