Helifix launches new technical product datasheets

Helifix has launched a full set of individual product datasheets to complement the recent release of its new corporate brochure ‘Products and Applications Overview’. These provide detailed information on every helical wall tie in the range, whilst aiding product selection, specification and installation.  

Helifix Product Datasheets

Each of the company’s retrofit wall ties, reinforcements and structural stabilization products has its own dedicated product sheet detailing their applications, technical specifications, installation procedures and recommended tooling. To view an example click here

For smartphone users, the datasheets feature a QR code for instant access to the relevant Helifix web page.

In addition to helical anchors, there are products sheets on Helifix construction chemicals plus a supporting sheet featuring on site load testing.

Brian Barnes, Helifix Vice-President of Sales, said,
“This comprehensive set of product datasheets is an important addition to our technical support services. They complement the personal advice and assistance offered by Helifix engineers when identifying the most appropriate helical wall tie for an application.”

“They are concise two-page product summaries that combine information from our new brochure, installation guides and repair details in one location allowing it to be more easily shared across a project team.”

Visit www.helifix.com/downloads for immediate access to all Helifix product sheets, the new brochure and a comprehensive collection of repair details covering all common structural faults in masonry.

 For more information, please contact the Helifix team on 888-992-9989 or email info@helifix.com.